Friday, April 23, 2010

Well Said: Our friend in Oregon tells off his state rep

 Hans Noeldner is fighting the good fight down south in Oregon (WI, for my friends in other parts of the US.)

Today he had an excellent letter to the Cap Times taking Rep Brett Davis to task for standing in the way of progress and a better, greener future.

Start with fresh ambitions for the lieutenant governor’s office. Shovel in supersized helpings of campaign funding from road builders, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, and petroleum interests. Whip to a froth with party ideologues desperate to thwart any progress for which Democrats could take some credit -- and the public interest be damned.
What do you get? Brett Davis trotted out in front of the cameras to torch clean energy jobs legislation. Davis spearheading efforts to derail 21st century train service in the highly congested Madison-Milwaukee corridor. Davis conniving to cripple fledgling steps toward regional transit authorities -- i.e., more local and regional control over local and regional issues. [more]

Read more from Hans at his blog, Entropic Journal.