Thursday, April 25, 2013

The best reply ever to a webinar confirmation

This absolutely has to be the best reply to a webinar confirmation I have ever gotten, even if it wasn't really meant for me.

Last night I was checking my work email, and saw that two messages had popped up. As many people do, I read them in reverse order (latest first). 

The first one had the subject line, "Ignore that last email from me!"

The text was,


My blushing apologies! I meant to hit Forward 
on the email I just mistakenly sent you, not 
Reply. Sorry about that.

Hmmm. Curious to see what had been sent by mistake, I saw that the same guy had sent an email a minute before. 

The subject line was, "Oh, yeah, or..."

On opening it, I saw that it was a confirmation from GoToWebinar  - the one that goes out automatically with log-on info when you sign up for a webinar. Since it's a webinar I set up, my name appears in the "From" field.

Just above the standard webinar information was a personal message:

You can sit on my lap in your living room while 
we check this out on your laptop. Vamos a ver. 


Wow. I never knew people were so excited about our webinars!