Monday, February 1, 2010

Soup Kitchen Lunch - a deal, but also maybe a sign of real financial trouble

Last Tuesday I was looking for a quick lunch between classes, and headed to the Lakefront Cafeteria at Memorial Union. I wasn't thrilled with the soup that day, but I spied a sign saying that they were serving soup, salad, bread, and a drink for $2.00 in the Great Hall. Whoa. Not a bad deal.

What also struck me was the name for this event: Soup Kitchen Lunch. It's part of the Union's Delicious Deals for Tough Times. Now I'm always happy to get a deal on a meal, but are things that bad for the UW population?

For my part, I'm, hoping they do this again, because the soup was very good, the rolls were fresh, and the salad was fresh greens, not some pale iceberg junk. I can make soup and bread a meal almost anytime, and $2.00 is a price I welcome.

Thursday I was back at the Lakeshore Cafeteria, and had a great Mediterranean vegetable soup. The soup was great, but a bowl was $4.50, and no bread or salad.