Monday, January 4, 2010

Need a bike rack in front of your business?

Madison Traffic Engineering Department is seeking requests for where bike racks are needed in business and entertainment districts. They have a brochure that outlines how much space is needed and how the racks will be installed, but I can't figure out how to uploaded it.

If you or a business near you want a rack, or want more information on the program, email or call the Traffic Engineering Dept at 608-266-4761 or Use "bike parking" in the subject line.

Although the number of racks and funds for the program are limited right now, I am hoping that a wave of requests will spur the city to invest more in this program. Often, bicyclists just accept whatever crappy parking conditions are available at their destination. Those of us on city committees hear about the constant need for easy, close, and cheap car parking to support businesses. Bicycle parking is very cheap, takes up almost no space, and encourages environmentally friendly transportation and land use.

But we have to speak up if we want better options. Car drivers complain to business owners about lack of parking all the time. Maybe we should be whining as well. Or at least get your favorite local business or business district to ask the city for some racks.