Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving gallette: squash, apples, onions, and stilton cheese

Just a short note to post the recipe that I used for my requested appetizer for Thanksgiving dinner. It is called a "Butternut Squash, Apple and Onion Galette with Stilton."

Both when I was researching an appropriate pre-meal offering, and from those who tasted it, there were requests for the recipe. This one I can't take credit for, because unlike most of my cooking, I followed the recipe almost exactly.

I forgot to use mustard on the crust, but it turned out just fine. My guess is that my subconscious allowed that slip, as I'm not a huge fan of mustard. Yes, I realize that is a heresy in Wisconsin, but I don't like most of the items in the mustard family.

The photo above is from the website where I found the recipe. Mine looked pretty much like that, although it was piled a bit higher and the crust was just a shade darker.

One confession: I used a store-bought pasty crust. I tried to make the pastry, but it was a disaster. Fortunately, I had picked up a Pillsbury pre-rolled crust as a back-up, and it was just fine. Delicate pastries just don't seem to be one of my talents.

I don't make appetizers much, so it was a challenge to find the right thing to bring. I still have part of the bag of apples I bought up north, and thanks to the cold temperatures on my porch, they are plenty crispy and fresh. I also had a number of squash, which I love, so I wanted to make an appetizer that used one or both ingredients. This recipe is a perfect fall option, and the ingredients compliment each other wonderfully.

And the rest of the meal was incredible. Julia Kerr is an excellent cook, so I was only mildly offended when she refused to let me bring anything except an appetizer, clearly not wanting anyone to mess with her carefully crafted menu. Mike Quieto also brought (many) appetizers, and Julia's friend Lisa provided the pies.

I ended up needing to stand up for awhile, because sitting had become too painful. Even though I only ate a little of each item, it was still more than I should have eaten.

Thanks to Julia, Ron and Claire for hosting an amazing Thanksgiving!

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