Monday, May 2, 2011

Sidewalk closed. Use which side?

I think this finally got fixed, but the situation depicted below has been in existence for about a week. This is the 2500 block of University Ave, just a lock from my house, which is the site of two different construction projects - one on private property and one in the city street.

I'm not sure who was responsible for the signs below, but I've seen this happen before. Both sides of the street have signs telling pedestrians to use the other side. Huh?

<= south side

              north side =>

Fortunately, I can get through a construction zone, even missing parts of the sidewalk. But I always feel bad for people with limited mobility or anyone trying to push a stroller. We need to make sure that there is always a pedestrian route through construction areas.

Sidewalks are the basis of a good transportation system, and everyone is a pedestrian. Even if you drive, take the bus, or use a bike, the beginning and end of your trip are made by foot. If we can't walk easily through our neighborhoods, we have a serious problem.

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