Friday, November 13, 2009

Links and futher information on smart transportation policy

For the Bringing Bioneers to Wisconsin, From Here to There conference today and tomorrow, I was asked to fill in at the last moment for someone who couldn't make it. Since I don't have a web page of my own up, I'm using this blog as a way to give the participants access to some info that might be helpful to them in the future.

Others might find these links useful as well, so knock yourselves out. These are all groups that work on smart growth, sound transportation policy, building communities friendly to biking, walking, and transit. Some do lobbying, others are just educational or a resource for more information.

I'm too tied to comment, so I may edit this later.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center - Walking Information

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center - Bicycling Information

National Center for Bicycling and Walking

League of American Bicyclists

Transportation for America

Surface Transportation Policy Project

Center for Neighborhood Technology

American Public Transportation Association

Smart Growth America

American Planning Association

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