Thursday, May 13, 2010

Transportation issues on Brenda's WYOU program

A few weeks back, I taped a segment for Brenda Konkel's program on WYOU. If you want to watch it, you can view it here.

As you can guess, the topic was transportation. This was taped before the decision was made on the location of the high speed rail stop, so portion of the program talked about the pros and cons of the options, how the decision was being made, etc.

But we also talked about a wide range of other issues and topics, including:

  • Why transportation can make or break affordable housing.
  • What is a multi-modal station, and why should be build one in Madison?
  • What happened with the "find the Greyhound stop" game?
  • What is a bike station, and where would they work in Madison?
  • What's up with the RTA? Why it's not just about trains. 
  • What is bus rapid transit?
  • How does the city decide what roads are going to be built? What's the TIP?

And many more topics.

I noticed a few slips on my part, like when I talked about the high speed rail line, and mentioned that many people travel between Milwaukee and "Chicago"  several times per week, when I meant to say Milwaukee and Madison. Oh, well, in general I think it went pretty well. Brenda asks really good questions, and lets her guests get into the meat of the issues. That's rare for an interview.